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Delaware, as the first state to ratify our Constitution, established the bed rock American principles of individual freedom, the right of free expression and that any government shall treat equally every citizen regardless of race, color of skin or religious beliefs. The Delaware Republican Party stands united with our forefathers. Today, our party is dedicated to continuing to make Delaware the very best place: to live, to work and to raise a family.

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Hi! Welcome to the Delaware GOP HomePage!

Republicans around Delaware are working hard, registering voters, helping our candidates and building support for our values and principles.

We are the party of personal responsibility and respect the dignity of every individual, born and unborn. We believe in free enterprise and personal liberty, as guaranteed by the Constitution. We promote fiscal responsibility, the rule of law and a strong national defense.

The Republican Party of Delaware welcomes you to our site. Please explore who we are - our leaders, the issues we are currently addressing and how you might participate in our fun! Click below to become involved and sign up for the Brady Bulletin. I look forward to seeing you soon!

M Jane Brady



Delaware's General Election is coming soon! Congratulations to President Trump for becoming the presumptive Republican presidential nominee on March 17, 2020 after securing a majority of pledged delegates. Now it's time to support your local State candidates in our primary!

If you have questions or concerns, please call (302)-668-1954 or email me

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Julianne Murray

Meet Julianne Murray, a lawyer from Georgetown. Born in Alexandria, Virginia, Julianne earned a full academic scholarship to University of Arizona and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management. In February 2012 she opened her own practice and over the course of the next 8 years has added two partners, helped thousands of Delawareans with their legal needs and has been a champion of the U.S. and Delaware Constitutions.

Lauren Witzke

US Senate Candidate, Lauren Witzke is a young conservative from Delmar, DE and graduate of Goldey Beacom Business College. After struggling with substance abuse, Lauren graduated from recovery center, Shenandoah Valley Teen Challenge, from which she later went on to become the program director. During this time she also became a political activist, providing a platform for various Republican congressional candidates and influencers across the United States. From there she worked for the Trump Victory team, becoming a top field organizer. Lauren has capitalized and made the most of every opportunity presented to her, after her Teen Challenge graduation. After becoming a highly sought after campaigner, Lauren grew observed that other candidates weren't addressing the needs that she felt were crucial to American, and especially her home state of Delaware. That is why she decided to end her travels, and tackle the problems head on by running for U.S. Senate. Lauren hopes to put an end to the Opioid epidemic, restore American families, reform immigration, end the forever wars, and establish a culture of life.

You can donate to her campaign by visiting or by check to PO Box 490, Dagsboro, De 19939. (Maximum Contributions $2,800)

Lee Murphy

I have lived my entire adult life in our great state of Delaware. I began my teaching career at Immaculate Heart of Mary, and have coached at St. Elizabeth’s and St. Mark’s High Schools. I worked in the railroad industry for 35 years, starting as a conductor and ending in management. Since retiring I have pursued an acting career, appearing in commercials, film and TV.

Throughout life’s challenges, I have learned the importance of family, community and a government that protects and defends its citizens. Now a grandfather who is helping to raise two wonderful grandkids, I am committed to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, and pledge to represent, with honor and fairness, my family and yours, and all Delawareans, in the U.S. Congress.

Donyale Hall

My name is Donyale Hall, and I'm running for Lieutenant Governor of the great state of Delaware. As a businesswoman, wife, mother, United States Air Force veteran and community advocate, it has been painful to watch the steady decline in our state. Private citizens here have been diligently seeking means and ways to address the distress of our impoverished communities, disengaged youth and complete lack of legitimate paths to viable economic opportunity and sustainability. These efforts have been of little or no avail. The prevailing consensus is that the State of Delaware needs representation by someone who will no longer perpetuate failed or broken policy and will be a real champion of change by tackling the socio-economic inequalities plaguing our state.

I have humbly accepted this challenge.

Dr. Julia Pillsbury

I graduated from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1981 and I have served on active duty in the US Army and Air Force. When I separated from the military and started in private practice, my Mother advised me to learn about medical coding, billing and reimbursement.

I feel my many years as a provider, adviser and consumer advocate make me well suited to become the Insurance Commissioner. While I realize I will have much to learn about the position, I feel I have much experience as a business owner. Furthermore, I feel I have much to offer as health care changes. I look forward to serving as Insurance Commissioner.

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Cathy Watts, Delaware Federation of Republican Women

"I am a Republican because I believe in the United States Constitution and the founding principles for the cause of smaller government, lower taxes, individual liberty and freedom and the right to life as it was modeled during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan. I want to leave the America I inherited and love for my children and grandchildren."

Sam Chick, Business Owner, Dover, Delaware

"I have Called Delaware my home for my entire life. As a business owner, I aim to do what is right to make Delaware a great place to live and work for all of its residents."


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