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Welcome to the Delaware GOP

Delaware, as the first state to ratify our Constitution, established the bed rock American principles of individual freedom, the right of free expression and that any government shall treat equally every citizen regardless of race, color of skin or religious beliefs. The Delaware Republican Party stands united with our forefathers. Today, our party is dedicated to continuing to make Delaware the very best place: to live, to work and to raise a family.

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Hi! Welcome to the Delaware GOP!

Republicans around Delaware are working hard, registering voters, helping our candidates and building support for our values and principles.

We are the party of personal responsibility and respect the dignity of every individual, born and unborn. We believe in free enterprise and personal liberty, as guaranteed by the Constitution. We promote fiscal responsibility, the rule of law and a strong national defense.

The Republican Party of Delaware welcomes you to our site. Please explore who we are - our leaders, the issues we are currently addressing and how you might participate in our fun! Click below to become involved and sign up for the Brady Bulletin. I look forward to seeing you soon!

M Jane Brady


Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the gratitude we should have in our hearts. Gratitude for family, friends, our health, safety and opportunities.I say "should have in our hearts" because this year it may be hard for many of us to feel that gratitude. It has been a tough year. Maybe we lost someone we loved, maybe we lost our job and financial security, maybe we see our children struggling to talk to a teacher through a computer and getting frustrated because the technology is not working for them. Maybe we just miss being "normal". Maybe we are ok, and have given all we can to help those who are struggling, or are the rock holding someone else's world together. Maybe we are not happy with the status of the election.Whatever your circumstances, know that there is a lot of warmth in this world, and even those you never met are praying for you and holding you in their hearts. Be grateful for those you cherish, the experiences that made you happy, the times when you felt valued because you helped someone in need. Be kind to yourself, and forgiving of yourself and others. And, please, have a grateful and happy Thanksgiving.

M Jane Brady

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Cathy Watts, Delaware Federation of Republican Women

"I am a Republican because I believe in the United States Constitution and the founding principles for the cause of smaller government, lower taxes, individual liberty and freedom and the right to life as it was modeled during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan. I want to leave the America I inherited and love for my children and grandchildren."

Weldon Satchell Jr., Construction Operations Manager, Dover, Delaware

"I like being a member of the DEGOP because they share my beliefs in a smaller government, and that a life no matter how conceived, has the right to live."

Sam Chick, Business Owner, Dover, Delaware

"I have Called Delaware my home for my entire life. As a business owner, I aim to do what is right to make Delaware a great place to live and work for all of its residents."


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