2023 Electric Car Mandate Town Hall

It is obvious that Delaware is NOT ready for an Electric Car Mandate… We don’t want it. The Science is not there yet.

The Governor and DNREC officials heard your issues with the Electric Car Mandate. 1225 people attended five Town Halls and 850 people signed the petition saying STOP the Mandate but 17 people who signed a petition supporting the Mandate, they did not get the message.  Thousands of “Public Comments” have been registered… with 90% AGAINST the Mandate. Now they are holding the Public hearing on the mandate virtually! They are trying to make the opposition INVISIBLE! They did set up a “Viewing Location” for you to attend in person (they won’t be there) to make your comment to the Zoom screen. How ridiculous! Why won’t they meet the public? Their constituents and listen to our concerns?

We need our message LOUDER so the CAN’T ignore us!

Join us for the…


You must register by noon on April 26 to speak at the virtual meeting.