Do You Support the Parents Right to Know what is being taught in their schools?

Posted on 04-07-2022

This video was shown to all high school students at Concord High School on February 11, 2022.

This video clearly advocates Critical Race Theory.  Yet, the Brandywine School Board insists that CRT is not being taught in Brandywine School District. This video promotes racism, segregation, and discrimination based on skin color.

There is an effort to address this.  It’s called the “Parent’s Right to Know” bill.  The bill requires that your child’s school must inform you about the material your child is learning in school.  Parents would have the right to see a course syllabus and a general description of instructional materials and have an opportunity to share their point of view.  Legislators in Dover will discuss “The Parent’s Right to Know” bill on this Wednesday afternoon.   You can learn more on


At a time when our students are struggling and a majority are not proficient in math and reading in many schools, our priority should not be teaching CRT.  Sign the petition to tell legislators how you feel about schools operating in secret and inserting CRT into the classroom instead of math and reading!

I support the “Parent’s Right To Know” bill.