Action Blast from the Conservative Caucus of Delaware

Posted on 06-14-2022

By Suzie Dickerson

The Dems in the General Assembly are busy again depriving you of your 2nd Amendment rights and passing burdensome progressive legislation.  

Despite the odds, we still should voice our opposition:

2nd Amendment: HB 450 – banning semi-automatic firearms.
HB 451 – raising the legal age for gun ownership to 21 years old.
SB 302 – removes civil liability protections for people and businesses who sell, manufacture, distribute, import, or market a firearm or related product. That would include ammunition, a sling swirl, a scope, and anything else considered a firearm accessory.  It also expands the power of the Attorney General to be used against firearm dealers and anyone else in the firearms industry. 

HB 435 – discriminating against non-union labor by requiring union labor on all state, municipal and school district projects costing $3 million or more.

SB 305 – Climate Bill – will likely increase electric rates by 37%; double car prices; and by 2035, essentially ban gasoline and diesel-powered vehicle sales. 

House Substitute 1 for HB 25 – allow the same voter registration on Election Day.

Senate   Reps.   Main Phone Number for General Assembly: 302-744-4114  

Thank you!


Conservative Caucus of Delaware