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The Trump re-election campaign is officially underway.

June 21, 2019

President Trump delivered a terrific speech at a great rally in Orlando, Fla. The President captured the objective of the 2020 Campaign with our new slogan.


Many in the media refuse to give the President credit for delivering on the promises he made just 21/2 years ago. But they cannot dispute the true facts.

In just the first two years look at the TRUMP RECORD:

6 million new jobs created. The lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. 2 conservative Supreme Court Justices and hundreds of new judges officially underway in the Federal Courts. The most historic and broad-based tax cut in American history. Solved the problem of providing our Veterans with an excellent health system. Recognized our ally Israel by restoring the U. S. Embassy to Jerusalem. Re-negotiated our trade agreements with Canada and Mexico to protect US workers and products. Tackled the tough problem of Border Security on our southern border by both improving security to stop dangerous immigrants and drug trafficking and providing humanitarian relief for parents and children. Tough on China, Iran and Russia. Thousands of supporters throughout the country immediately answered the call on how they could help by contributing to the Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign.

We must do the same here in Delaware. If you, like me, enjoyed being together on Tuesday to watch the rally and speech - then join me in directly helping the Trump campaign in Delaware.

The State Committee like our Republican National Committee has the responsibility for providing the volunteers to take our President’s message to Delaware voters. We will start a registration drive to sign up unregistered Trump voters. We will need your help to organize the teams to both deliver the message during the campaign and deliver the Trump voters to the polls.

We need your help now. I pledge that every dollar you donate to this appeal will go directly to getting the job done for the President here in Delaware.

Go to our website, or mail to:

DELAWARE GOP P. O. Box 4746 Wilmington, DE 19807

We are all in---how about you!!!!

Jane and Debbie

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