A Way Forward

Hello all!

Over the past several weeks, our Party has experienced controversy over several disrespectful comments that offended and hurt not just members of the community at large, but members of our Republican Party, including incumbents and candidates for office, and members of the groups affected by these comments.

We also have had to endure the consequences of these statements. Both individuals, who had made valuable contributions to the Party in the past, no longer serve in their leadership positions within the Party. In both instances, they lost the confidence of those they were to lead. In both instances, their fellow Republicans made the decision to remove them.

Those who claim that Republicans have surrendered to the wishes of Democrats or have failed to stand up for free speech, are simply wrong. In reality the responsibility for these circumstances rests with the two individuals who chose careless and hurtful ways to express themselves on social media. They displayed poor judgment and lack of respect.

Social media provides a quick and easy way to express yourself. Doing so without reflection on the impact your words may have on others, and, yes, on you, is harmful. Hopefully these incidents are important lessons for everyone.

I have taken immediate action and have instituted new terms and conditions for the use of the State Committee social media and website. The following will be posted on our website and Facebook page.

Social Media Rules & Guidelines

Join the Conversation!

The Delaware Republican Party welcomes healthy discussion and debate on our page.

By commenting, you are agreeing to Facebook’s terms of service as well as our page’s guidelines.

Please keep comments on topic and be respectful of others who comment. Personal attacks on users, candidates, government or party officials or use of profanity are not permitted. Comments violating these rules may be subject to deletion according to the moderators’ discretion. Repeat offenders may be banned from the page.

They are common sense guidelines that we should not find confining. Again, the key word is respect. You can display respect even for those with whom you disagree. It is the foundation of vibrant, public discourse on any issue.
Our iconic leader, Abraham Lincoln, once said that a house divided cannot stand. While I am not nearly as masterful or eloquent as he, I hope, working together with all of you, we can learn, move forward and complete our mission – elect Republicans.

Thank you.


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