Brady Bulletin – Two Important Events

Posted on 04-08-2021

I want to bring two important events to your attention.





For the past year, parents have had a unique opportunity to see what and how their children are learning.  Many of you have expressed that you want more choice in what your children learn, how they are taught, and the management of our public schools.  Different school districts had different rules and levels of in-person education, and you were left to accept what your district decided to do. That is why we are working hard to elect candidates who want our schools open – most are parents of students who have been consigned to sitting in front of a computer for too long. Many parents have also advocated for more choice, so their child could attend a school that was more open than their home district.


On April 14, the Department of Education is having a meeting on school choice barriers, and I have included the link below if you would like to attend.


Host:      Department of Education
Zoom:    School Choice Barrier Committee Meeting
Date:      Apr 14, 2021
Time:      9:00 AM


Our Constitutional Rights are in Jeopardy!


The General Assembly is considering bills that would require a permit to purchase firearms and limit the size of a magazine. Of course, the only people who would obey those laws are law-abiding people – and the laws will do nothing to protect our communities. In fact, because of the cost associated with the requirements, the effect of these bills, if passed, would be to put the price of protecting self and family out of reach for poor citizens.  We need to stand in support of our Second Amendment, and with each other to oppose these bills.  A little bit about each is below. They have already passed our State Senate and now go to the House of Representatives.

  • Senate Bill 6, the so-called “Delaware Large Capacity Magazine Prohibition Act,” bans possessing magazines with a capacity greater than seventeen rounds of ammunition. Such arbitrary limits are not grounded in public safety and, instead, restrict law-abiding citizens who use these magazines for various purposes, such as self-defense and competition.
  • Senate Bill 3 requires prospective purchasers or recipients of a handgun to first have a “handgun qualified purchaser card,” which requires a training course.(which costs money). While those with a carry permit are exempt from the training requirement, they are not exempt from the license. The approved permits only last for 180 days each,  requiring citizens to continuously apply for new permits (which will cost money) in order to maintain the ability to acquire handguns.

The Women’s Defense Coalition,

along with other organizations, is holding a

“Rally For Our Rights”


Date:   Sunday, April 11, 2021

Time:   3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Place:  New Castle Court House Museum

211 Delaware St.

New Castle, DE 19720


Please try to attend and support our individual liberties, which are under attack as never before.


Contact Your Legislator


Click to find your  Representative’s contact info, and let your Representative know you do NOT support these bills and want them to vote NO!


Thank you,

Jane Brady


Delaware Republican Party