The Braunstein Challenge.

The BRADY BULLETIN MAY 22,2019 THE BRAUNSTEIN CHALLENGE MEETING THE BRAUNSTEIN CHALLENGE Those of you who attended the Convention recall, I am sure, that during my speech thanking you for placing your trust in me as your Chair, Eric Braunstein stood up, took out his checkbook and pledged to donate $1,000.00 to the Republican Party of Delaware, and then, challenged all of us to join him and help finance our 2020 candidates. It’s time for all of us to step up, take out our checkbook or credit card and answer – THE BRAUNSTEIN CHALLENGE Eric fought a hard campaign in the 7th District in 2018. Eric knows, firsthand, that without financing you can’t effectively deliver our conservative message to the voters— no matter how many doors you knock on. The Democrats in Dover are drifting to the dangerous socialist left just like the Democrats in Washington. They already have bills: • to take away legitimate gun rights. • to increase school property taxes without giving us the right to vote. • to increase personal income taxes. We need to win seats in the House and Senate to stop them. THIS IS MY FIRST PRIORITY Maybe you can’t give $1,000.00; maybe you can give more. But, any contribution to this appeal will be spent directly for candidates who challenge those Democrats. Let’s follow up on our great convention and unite together with single purpose elect Republicans!!! Eric, Debbie and I are in—join us!!!