They Are Coming After Us!

BRADY BULLETIN September 16, 2019 THEY ARE COMING AFTER US! THEY ARE COMING AFTER US In last Friday’s News Journal, the Executive Director of the Democrat Party, Jesse Chadderdon, declared: “If you look at the map of New Castle County and the legislative seats held by Republicans, you’re not going to find many of them…THOSE ARE OUR PRIORITES.” The Democratic Party is after our two great Senators Cathy Cloutier and Anthony Delcollo. We will not let that happen. Just so you know what is at stake — if we were to lose either seat, the Democrats will have a Super Majority in the Senate– giving them the votes to pass personal tax increases and other legislation that we have been able to successfully block in the past. Mike Ramone, Mike Smith and Kevin Hensley are also targeted. Each of their districts has significant Democrat Registration Majorities. All these hard-working incumbents are already organizing, fundraising and even knocking on doors in their districts – NOW! They need your help – NOW! I have already interviewed 11 candidates who are interested in challenging Democrats, including members of their leadership who have faced no opponents in the past. And we have pledged to help all candidates with training, targeting information in their districts, voters e-mail lists and assistance to raise money. But, these incumbents need your help. And, you can help right now!! If you want to contribute to our Senate campaigns directly, here is their websiter information: • Cathy Cloutier Citizens for Cloutier 2207 Concord Pike #207 Wilmington, DE 19803 • Anthony Delcollo You can also contribute directly to the State Committee at www.delaware I will use any contribution from this solicitation to directly support these candidates. I know from personal experience as a candidate, the year before the election is when you can make significant gains that pay off the following November. Your help to make a difference in 2020 is needed NOW! Thanks for all you do to make the Delaware Republican Party the great party it is! Jane