Delaware GOP Endorses Candidates for Statewide office; Introduces the Rescue Delaware Plan.

Posted on 06-04-2022

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Delaware GOP Endorses Candidates for Statewide office; Introduces the Rescue Delaware Plan.

The Delaware State Republican Party held its annual convention on Saturday, June 3 in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The Party unanimously endorsed four candidates for Statewide office and introduced The Rescue Delaware Plan.

The party endorsed Lee Murphy for US Representative.  Lee noted his opponent has voted with Nancy Pelosi, and for the progressive agenda, 100 % of the time. He promised the delegates that he would fight for all Delawareans and be their independent voice.

Julianne Murray was endorsed for the office of Attorney General.  Murray, who has statewide name recognition because she ran for Governor in 2020, promised that she would enforce the law and protect the public when elected.  She noted that her Democrat opponent while arguing for more gun control laws that will affect law-abiding citizens, has dropped more than 85% of gun charges against convicted criminals who possess firearms.  Law enforcement groups across the state have endorsed Murray.

Finance professional Greg Coverdale won the Party’s endorsement for State Treasurer.  He understands financial management and is a former member of the State Board of Education.  He told the convention that he speaks the language of finance and will make our State Government more transparent and accountable for the money it collects and spends.

Lawyer Janice Lorrah eagerly accepted the Party’s endorsement for State Auditor.  Lorrah is the Hockessin mom who sued the Governor for extending the mask mandates in the schools and forced the Governor to lift the mask mandate rather than face her in court.   She is a certified forensic accountant and has the training and experience to provide the necessary oversight to ensure accountability and transparency.

Also, at the convention, the Party introduced The Rescue Delaware Plan, reflecting its vision for crucial policy objectives that should be implemented to reverse the State’s downward spiral. The plan covers new ideas for economic opportunity, public safety, healthcare, education, taxes, and more.  “These principles, ideas, and legislative proposals are documented in a 20-page plan that was developed with the input of our Republican elected officials, current and former Republican candidates, our Republican Regional Committees, our State Party Chair, and many others”, said Jane Brady, Chair of the Republican Party.  

“We believe the proposals in this document are supported by most Delawareans across all party lines and will lead to a better quality of life for everyone living in our State. Together, they comprise our values and objectives,” continued Brady.

The Plan cites studies and statistics that show Delaware has declined in many respects over the past two decades. The Democrat Party has controlled the Governor’s Office, and therefore, the policies and direction of most State agencies, since the election of Tom Carper in 1992.  “We needed to make it clear that the Republican Party will lead Delaware in a very different direction, which will help all Delawareans,” stated Brady.

The plan was available on

The convention was closed at 12:30 pm with a parade of delegates and attendees down Rehoboth Avenue. 

Brady calls the Convention to Order on June 4 in Rehoboth
Parade organizing following the Convention
The parade marches down Rehoboth Ave.

Brady addresses the annual Republican State Dinner on June 3.