Delaware GOP Rallies Supporters 100 Days Before Election in November

Posted on 08-02-2022

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August 1, 2022

Delaware GOP Rallies Supporters 100 Days Before Election in November

The Delaware Republican Party held a traditional campaign rally and picnic for volunteers and supporters on Sunday, July 31, to mark 100Days before the November 8th election.  The rally featured speeches by candidates, family games, a bonfire, and fireworks at the home of Republican Committeeman Hank McCann. Statewide Candidates Lee Murphy, Julianne Murray, Greg Coverdale and Janice Lorrah, and over 20 elected officials and candidates addressed the crowd. The event concluded with a beautiful firework display and patriotic music.

Jane Brady, State Chair of the Delaware GOP, began the campaign of “365 and Counting…”  on November 8 of last year to impress the urgency and importance of the election this year.   “We hosted this event to excite and energize our party, the volunteers and candidates, and to welcome all our new volunteers.   We are thrilled to have so many new people involved this year,” remarked Brady.  

The crowd of more around 200 people sat in lawn chairs and under pop-up tents and cheered as the candidates articulated their vision for Delaware’s future.     

The Republican Party released its “Rescue Delaware Plan” in June “We believe that the party is growing because we offer better ideas, and our candidates are working hard to introduce themselves to the voters in their community,” states McCann. “Tonight, we celebrated the hard work that got us where we are at this point in the campaign.  The excitement across the state is building. We are working to take control of the House and the Senate”, stated McCann. “Delawareans work hard, love their state, and deserve simple, reasonable solutions from their state leaders,” continued Brady.  “Great Candidates with a practical, common-sense message supported by hundreds of new volunteers give us a great opportunity to win the new seats we need to ‘Rescue Delaware’ ”.