2022 General Election in:


Delaware Senate

senate district 16

Colin Bonini (R)

Colin Bonini (Republican Party) is a member of the Delaware State Senate, representing District 16. He assumed office in 1995. His current term ends on November 8, 2022. Bonini (Republican Party) ran for election for Governor of Delaware. He lost in the Republican primary on September 15, 2020.


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senate district 6

Ernesto Lopez (R)

Representative Lopez holds a B.A. from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, an M.A. from the University of Delaware, and an Ed.D. from the University of Delaware. In his career, he served as associate director of undergraduate admissions with the University of Delaware and served as the state's 4-H volunteer coordinator with the cooperative extension unit at the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.



Senate District 20

Gerald Hocker (R)

Gerald Hocker (Republican Party) is a member of the Delaware State Senate, representing District 20. He assumed office on January 8, 2013. His current term ends on November 8, 2022. Hocker (Republican Party) ran for re-election to the Delaware State Senate to represent District 20. He won in the general election on November 3, 2020. Hocker began serving as state Senate minority leader in 2019. Hocker served as a Republican member of the Delaware House of Representatives, representing District 38 from 2002 to 2013. During that time, he served as House Minority Whip.


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Senate District 15

Dave Lawson (R)

Since Dave joined the legislature in 2010, he has been tirelessly working for the citizens of District 15 and the entire State of Delaware. Dave is currently a member of the Judicial, Transportation and Joint Finance Committees. He is honored to have received many awards such as the 2013 Kent County Elected Official of the Year Award, the 2015 Delaware Veterans’ Stand Down Award, the Division for the Visually Impaired 2015 Legislative Leadership Partner of the Year Award, the Quality Deer Management Director’s Legislator Award and The Delaware Association of Conservation Districts 2016 Legislative Award.


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Senate District 1

Brian Pettyjohn (R)

Representative Pettyjohn was born and raised in Georgetown, Delaware and attended Liberty University and the University of Delaware. He has held a variety of positions throughout his career, including serving as telecommunications director with Applied Card Systems, serving as a consultant with both Avaya Call Center and Professional Services Info Systems, and serving as a board member with Children and Families First of Delaware


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Senate District 21

Bryant Richardson (R)

Owner with wife Carol of Morning Star Publications, Inc., publishers of the Seaford Star and Laurel Star community newspapers, the Morning Star Business Report, the Salisbury Star, biannual magazines for five area chambers of commerce and a number of specialty publications. Morning Star Publications, Inc., was started in April 1996. Former owner of Banner Publications, Inc. Former general manager of The Leader and State Register.


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Senate District 18

David L.Wilson (R)

David Wilson (Republican Party) is a member of the Delaware State Senate, representing District 18. He assumed office on January 8, 2019. His current term ends on November 8, 2022. Wilson (Republican Party) ran for election to the Delaware State Senate to represent District 18. He won in the general election on November 6, 2018. Wilson (b. January 8, 1950) is a former Republican member of the Delaware House of Representatives, representing District 35 from 2009 to 2018. Wilson did not file to run for re-election in 2018.


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Delaware House of Representatives

Last First Party Phone Email District
Chukwouocha Nnamdi D 302-744-4351 Nnamdi.Chukwuocha@delaware.gov RD1
Matthews Sean D 302-744-4351 Sean.Matthews@delaware.gov RD10
Speigelman Jeffrey R 302-744-4171 Jeff.Spiegelman@delaware.gov RD11
Griffith Krista D 302-744-4351 Krista.Griffith@delaware.gov RD12
Mitchell John D 302-744-4351 John.L.Mitchell@delaware.gov RD13
Schwartzkopf Peter D 302-744-4351 Peter.Schwartzkopf@delaware.gov RD14
Longhurst Valeria D 302-744-4351 Valerie.Longhurst@delaware.gov RD15
Franklin Cooke D 302-744-4351 FranklinD.Cooke@delaware.gov RD16
Melissa Minor-Brown D 302-744-4351 Melissa.MinorBrown@delaware.gov RD17
Bentz David D 302-744-4351 David.Bentz@delaware.gov RD18
Williams Kimberly D 302-744-4351 Kimberly.Williams@delaware.gov RD19
Bolden Stephanie D 302-744-4351 StephanieT.Bolden@delaware.gov RD2
Stephen Smyk R 302-744-4171 Steve.Smyk@delaware.gov RD20
Ramone Michael R 302-744-4171 Michael.Ramone@delaware.gov RD21
Smith Michael R 302-744-4171 Michael.F.Smith@delaware.gov RD22
Baumbach Paul D 302-744-4221 Paul.Baumbach@delaware.gov RD23
Osienski Edward D 302-744-4351 Edward.Osienski@delaware.gov RD24
Kowalko John D 302-744-4351 John.Kowalko@delaware.gov RD25
Wilson-Anton Madinah D 302-744-4351 Madinah.Wilson-Anton@delaware.gov RD26
Morrison Eric D 302-744-4351 Eric.Morrison@delaware.gov RD27
Carson William D 302-744-4351 William.Carson@delaware.gov RD28
Bush William D 302-744-4351 William.Bush@delaware.gov RD29
Drosey-Walker Sherry D 302-744-4351 Sherry.DorseyWalker@delaware.gov RD3
Morris Shannon R 302-744-4171 Shannon.Morris@delaware.gov RD30
Lynn Sean D 302-744-4351 Sean.Lynn@delaware.gov RD31
Bennett Andria D 302-744-4351 Andria.Bennett@delaware.gov RD32
Postles Charles R 302-744-4081 Charles.Postles@delaware.gov RD33
Yearick Lyndon R 302-744-4171 Lyndon.Yearick@delaware.gov RD34
Vanderwende Jesse R 302-744-4267 Jesse.Vanderwende@delaware.gov RD35
Shupe Bryan R 302-744-4171 Bryan.Shupe@delaware.gov RD36
Briggs-King Ruth R 302-744-4251 Ruth.BriggsKing@delaware.gov RD37
Gray Ronald R 302-744-4171 Ronald.Gray@delaware.gov RD38
Short Daniel R 302-744-4172 Daniel.Short@delaware.gov RD39
Brady Gerald D 302-744-4351 Gerald.Brady@delaware.gov RD4
Dukes Timothy R 302-744-4171 Timothy.Dukes@delaware.gov RD40
Collins Richard R 302-744-4082 Rich.Collins@delaware.gov RD41
Johnson Kendra D 302-744-4351 Kendra.Johnson@delaware.gov RD5
Heffernan Debra D 302-744-4351 Debra.Heffernan@delaware.gov RD6
Lamber Larry D 302-744-4351 Larry.Lambert@delaware.gov RD7
Moore Sherae’a D 302-744-4351 Rae.Moore@delaware.gov RD8
Hensley Kevin R 302-744-4171 Kevin.Hensley@delaware.gov RD9