Delaware Times – Governor: You Must Buy Electric Vehicles beginning in 2025!

Posted on 01-11-2023

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In the January issue of Delaware Times, read about new regulations that are being proposed to mandate that you buy an electric vehicle.

Last March, Gov. John Carney directed DNREC to promulgate regulations to implement California’s Advanced Clean Car II standards in Delaware – surrendering Delaware’s transportation policy to the Golden State.  He bypassed any vote by the General Assembly on the matter.

Under the proposed regulation, starting in Model Year 2026 (Fall 2025), 35% of all new cars sold in Delaware will need to be zero-emission vehicles (ZEV).  By Fall 2031, more than three-quarters of all cars sold will be required to be ZEVs, and the sale of new gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles is banned in Delaware by late 2034. Read the Full article in the Digital Version of the Delaware Times.

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