Despite Objections, Governor to Push EV Mandate Forward – Comment Deadline 5/26!

Posted on 05-15-2023

DNREC Ignores Public Concern

In an official report issued by DNREC, the State of Delaware declared that the EV Mandate will have “no impact on Families or Small Businesses in Delaware”

In the Economic Impact Report, required with every new regulation, DNREC stated that the Delaware Electric Car Mandate is “Not likely to impose additional costs or burdens on individuals and/or small businesses.”

In five town halls, 1,250 people expressed exactly the opposite opinion. DNREC Sec. Sean Garvin ignored every concern.  The report stated that the Regulations are being imposed on the “Automobile Manufacturers” and not consumers.  As a result, the State offered no changes, options, or extensions.  The Regulation will not change.

“When you can’t buy a truck to pull your equipment to the job site, or the cost of the new car is too expensive whole communities are forced to adopt public transit… it’s called economic impact. DNREC thinks we must be stupid” said Mike Mennella, Wilmington.   “The Governor is ignoring the people”, stated Julianne Murray, GOP Chair.  “A few bureaucrats in Dover can’t just ignore thousands of Delawareans.”

There is still time to comment.