Did Biden Just Have His Saturday Night Massacre and No One Knows Anything About It?

Posted on 05-18-2023

By Jim Weldin, Vice Chair of the Delaware Republican Party

On Saturday evening October 20, 1973, during the height of the Watergate scandal President Richard Nixon ordered then-Attorney General Elliot Richardson to fire Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox. Richardson refused and resigned. Nixon then ordered Deputy Attorney General Ruckelshaus to fire Cox. Ruckelshaus refused and he resigned. Nixon then ordered Solicitor General Robert Bork to fire Cox. Bork carried out the order but was going to resign but Richardson and Ruckelshaus convinced Bork to stay on.  The public and political fallout was severe and shortly after impeachment proceedings were commenced against Nixon.

Fast forward to May 15, 2023, and an article from the New York Post that reported that the IRS removed the entire investigative team from its long-running tax fraud probe of Hunter Biden. According to the whistleblower’s attorneys Mark Lytle and Tristan Leavitt, this was an obvious whistleblower intimidation which was apparently made at the request of the Department of Justice.

This again is another example of the weaponization of the government to protect Joe Biden, his son, and Biden’s cronies and to attack Biden’s political opponents. The FBI has had the Hunter Biden laptop since 2019. The infamous 51 intelligence agents who proclaimed the laptop fake and part of Russian disinformation, and issued prior to the 2022 election, was proven false. Yet no one is held accountable for this blatantly false proclamation designed to get Joe Biden elected. In a brazen act, on the same day the Durham Report is released, highlighting the DOJ bias towards President Trump and the two standards of justice one for Democrats, the other for Republicans, the DOJ requests the investigative team of Hunter Biden’s potential tax fraud is fired.

And again while the Saturday Night Massacre of 1973 was extensively covered, other than a few media outlets, mostly conservative, the corporate media ignored this story. As we posted on our Durham Report comments, this violation of our American principles, and the weaponization of the government against political opponents will not end until these people are removed from office. That will occur when a Republican President and Congress are elected next November.