Do you really know who your Congresswoman is?

Posted on 08-11-2022

By Gary Dunham

Our Washington administration is failing us. Delaware’s Congressional delegation shares responsibility, including Representative Lisa Blunt-Rochester (LBR). In recent years, as Globalists, all Delaware’s legislators have moved Left, while DE voters traditionally hold moderate values.

January 2021, Democrats were handed: Economy poised for recovery; Signed Arab peace deals; Iran cornered; Afghanistan quiet; Control of Bagram intelligence center near China; China floundering from tariffs; USA feared and respected; Southern border most secure in decades; Cheap gasoline and energy independence, first time ever. LBR voted to impeach the man whose policies brought this prosperity. She is one of the white-suited Congresswomen who disrespectfully did not stand for that President at SOU message.

Independent non-profit news source, ProPublica verifies LBR voted 100% with Nancy Pelosi’s agenda 2020-2022. As a member of Congressional Progressive Caucus, she is one of the “most radical, left-leaning faction of Democrat Party.” CPC advocates reducing military spending, “corporate greed”, ending “mass incarceration”, and offering slavery reparations. notes LBR voted for HR1076 Sanctuary Cities Act. Delaware Online reported in 2016 LBR endorsed making Delaware a sanctuary state, ignoring federal laws. LBR is not moderate but supports radical policies. She’s a member of the New Democrat Coalition, considered “the most forward-thinking Democrats” (aka radical Progressives.) NDC’s webpage says they “seek to challenge outmoded, partisan approaches to governing,” double-speak for replacing with Socialist, Marxist philosophies to change America. Do you want this in Delaware?

Regarding LBR’s ideology, ranks her a “follower,” not a leader in Congress. Economy and business are red flags on her record. With 100% ranking top, the US Chamber of Commerce gives LBR 66%. She gets only 6% by Club for Growth, which tracks legislative policies that strengthen the economy and not increase taxes or regulations. LBR received 0% from the Family Research Council, which rates votes on behalf of faith, family, and freedom values! She voted yes for these controversial bills: HR3684 Invest in America Act loaded with Green Deals, including vehicle per mile fees for drivers and letting feds bypass Buy American rules; HR3005 removes historic statues from federal buildings; HR51 makes Washington DC a state, though unconstitutional; and HR1573 provides taxpayer-funded lawyers for illegal border crossers.

In 2020 the Congresswoman voted for failed HR8635 that would outlaw gasoline vehicles by 2035, unless at zero emissions. In 2019 she voted for HB4, which required federal approval for state/local governments before changing voting practices. March 2021, she voted for HR1 usurping state authority over elections, giving it to the feds, despite the Constitution expressly granting that power to states.

My vote will go to Lee Murphy for Congress. I’ve known Lee since elementary school and Cub Scouts. He is an honorable, patriotic man of values, loves this country and state, wants strong border security, believes in Constitutional rule of law, and supports all law enforcement departments. He endorses proven actions, like reducing unnecessary regulations and retaining tax cuts for middleclass and small businesses, which were all damaged by pandemic closings. Pre-pandemic 2019 Q4 Delaware’s GDP was 2.3% but is now -1.4% for 2022 Qtr 1. Unemployment was 3.7% pre-pandemic and is now 4.5%. Jobs and production are needed back in DE from foreign countries. Lee supports school choice, with local boards (including parent’s input) and states setting standards, not federal authorities or outside agitators.

The present administration shirks blame for their own failures, while 80% of Americans polled are not happy with the nation’s direction. Delaware legislators are complicit in creating this crisis. LBR has had adequate opportunity to place all Americans first but did not. Delaware needs a new US Congressman to vote for successful solutions and against radical, anti-America policies.

Gary Dunham

About Gary:

He is a retired fed agency analyst, project manager, and com-spec for (35 yrs); former Delaware community radio PT newscaster (15 yrs); volunteer in opposition research, press releases, and GOTV trainer (4 separate campaigns); USO Volunteer (8 yr); graduate of & advocate for 3 different DE Citizen Police Academies.