Donyale Hall Leads Health Care Project Caring for 3217 People in Dover!

Posted on 09-21-2021

Originally Published in 47 ABC.   See full story and video

DOVER, Del. – Normally, in a school hallway you would see teachers and students going about their day. But now, South Dover Elementary School has been transformed into a free medical clinic for anyone who might need critical health care s ervices. “There are a lot of people that we find that either don’t have adequate health care or don’t have health care at all. This is an important measure for people like that,” said Greater Dover Health Care Blitz Project Coordinator Donyale Hall.

Tuesday marked day three of the Blitz. It’s a program being run in partnership with the Department of Defense and Central Delaware Housing Collaborative to provide free health care services. “We still have plenty of room for medical, dental, optometry services, behavioral health, and nutrition counseling services. All of them are available at no cost, and are available without any ID, proof of insurance, and we keep none of your information,” said Medical Readiness Detachment Commander for the Delaware Army National Guard Captain Jason Brooks

But those volunteering at the clinics say it’s not just about providing those much-needed health resources. It’s also an opportunity to get hands-on training, and connect with other branches of the military. “Normally we don’t see each other unless we’re deployed. So, this is a great opportunity and training environment where we can work from each other and learn from each other’s branches,” said Site Officer in Charge for South Dover Elementary School Major Barbara Sickler.

And for the people taking advantage of these free services, the care doesn’t stop when they walk out the door. Organizers say they’ve made sure to provide continuity of care resources, to make sure they can enjoy a healthy today, and plan for a healthy tomorrow. “This isn’t just a one and done event for them. They’re actually able to take something that they can have as service past this week,” said Hall.

Clinic hours are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Personnel tell 47ABC if you’re coming to get something like dental care, you might want to show up a little bit early just because it’s been so popular. If you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity, you can go to North Dover Elementary School, South Dover Elementary School, and Towne Point Elementary School.

Organizers also say, just because the sites are in Dover, you don’t have to be a Dover resident to get those free services. They say they’ve had people visit from as far away as Philadelphia.

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