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Delaware GOP Rejects Statewide EV Mandate

It’s essential to weigh the implications of recent decisions on our state’s future. On November 29, 2023, the Advanced Clean Car Act II was approved, despite significant opposition from Delaware citizens. This move, executed without legislative approval and behind closed doors, has set a concerning precedent.

The disregard for the multitude of voices that dissented against the EV Mandate raises questions about the values guiding our state’s leadership. By sidestepping established processes and dismissing widespread objections, the administration has prioritized its own agenda over the interests of the people.

The repercussions are palpable. The implementation of this act will not only elevate the already soaring cost of living but also restrict the accessibility of new vehicles for many Delawareans due to the high expense of electric vehicles. It’s a reality that directly impacts individual freedoms and economic well-being.

As the 2024 election approaches, it becomes crucial to remember this moment. Your voice holds power at the ballot box. Consider who truly aligns with your values and prioritizes your concerns when casting your vote. This isn’t a matter of partisan lines; it’s about those who represent your best interests versus those pursuing their own agendas.

Benjamin Franklin’s cautionary words echo loudly: “if we can keep it.” Preserving the essence of our republic demands vigilance. Allowing unchecked government control over our lives could jeopardize not just our state but the very fabric of our nation. It’s a critical juncture where collective action can steer us away from this path of escalating control.

The future of Delaware rests on our ability to uphold the principles of representation and safeguard individual liberties. Consider these crucial implications before the next election, for the choices made then will significantly shape the course of our state and our nation.