Gender Policy for Red Clay School District

Posted on 11-30-2021

Tomorrow evening, the Red Clay School District’s Policy Review Committee will hold a meeting at Stanton Middle School at 5 pm.  At the meeting, they are expected to vote on a new policy that addresses gender and school facilities (bathrooms, locker rooms) and sports.  The link to the policy is below.

Read the Draft Policy here.

The policy, purporting to serve “equality”, boys will be allowed to participate in girls’ sports, and choose which bathroom and locker room facilities they use.

Many of the consequences of this policy are alarming to parents, their children, and some educators as well. Allowing both boys and girls in the same bathroom or locker room creates significant concerns.  Advocates of women and girls’ sports teams are concerned for the future of their participation in sports.

Parents have the right to understand what is happening in their children’s schools.  School Administrators need to respect the wishes of parents and provide for the safety of the students.  The new policy raises serious concerns, and how the policy is to be implemented is still not clear.

I encourage you to attend the meeting (view agenda) or send your comments to the Board by noon Wednesday.  (Send Comments)

Parents need to be heard and the school boards need to listen.  Now is the time to make your position known to your school board.