Happy Valentines in Today’s America

Posted on 02-14-2023

Guest Writer, Bill Sharpe

To be an American is to love America and to love the Declaration of Independence, and to love the Constitution for the United States of America, and is to love the Bill of Rights, if you’re not willing to fight to protect these documents you do not deserve liberty and justice for all, if these documents are not among the most important documents in your life you are not an American and should not consider yourself to be an American.

Believing in these documents is what makes you an American, because these documents are based on God’s law and the biblical writings of the Holy Bible, which protects the religious liberties and freedoms of a free people if this form of government should ever fall chaos and anarchy and destruction will follow around the world, so to be an American you must love these documents because these declare your liberties and freedoms and the form of government that was designed to protect not only your liberties and freedoms but the liberty and freedoms of your heirs! This is also why the oath of office is required before you can hold any office in our nation because your oath of office is your oath that you love this nation and this form of government and that you swear that you will uphold and protect the Constitution which is the people’s form of government and laws which comes from God, and when you violate that oath of office you have perjured yourself and are no longer trustworthy and have violated the marriage between you and the people of this nation, And at that point, the people must renounce you as having performed treason against the office and The oath violator can no longer be trusted with the sacred honor to represent the people because you denounced our form of government which was designed to protect the people and by violating your oath of office you have turned your back on the people and the People’s form of government and now have Chosen to And declared That you are now the enemy of the Constitution and the people By your own actions or inactions,and you are no longer in honor.

The American Bar Association is at war with God’s laws because God’s laws provide liberty and justice for all, the American Bar Association is working to reestablish the king’s rule of law, which goes by an acronym known by a perverse four-letter word, which started out as F,ornication U,nder C,ontrol of the K,ing, it was designed for population control so that the peasant’s servants and slaves did not out populate the King’s family because the first version of this did not work because the only thing people knew that were doing right is reproducing, the king ordered his barristers or attorneys or lawyers to write more statutes codes regulations and policies and executive orders from the King, to include all the food, Farms, firewood, firearms, forest, fish, finances, faith, friends, family and the big one was all freedoms which was a direct trespass of any liberties that anyone could possess, this was the suppression of free thought as well as physical suppression.

The founding fathers’ and our ancestors lived under these king’s rule of law which they defined as a democracy monarchy or dictatorship it was all the same form of government suppression under force, so when the founding fathers had the opportunity to build their own nation of by and for the people they did so with the idea of protecting their liberties because to possess liberties is to possess freedoms, to possess liberties is to have freedom of mind spirit and soul, that’s why the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution for the United States of America, and the Bill of Rights were written and engineered in such a way to protect liberty From democracy because democracy leads to tyranny, anarchy and eventually to a dictatorship or To a monarchy.

When justice is denied liberty is denied!

Today in America the American Bar Association, aka the British accredited registry has been working to undermine the Declaration of Independence since the creation of America, the American Bar Association formed shortly after the Civil War in America, but they have been working in the shadows since the war of 1812 until the American people understand who the enemy is in this nation this entire world will be in chaos and conflict because this is what these agents do is to cause chaos and conflict between any two parties so that they can fleece the two parties of finances and power, why they are arguing With each other and not paying attention to what the bar agents are doing!

According to Daniel Webster The United States of America this constitutional republic is a miracle and miracles do not cluster this has only happened one time in 6000 years, hold onto this miracle this Republic that God has given us for if we let it go God will find us unworthy to give us any more miracles!

Do the servants of the household rule the household?

If our representatives are servants of the people do they get to dictate and tell the people what to do or how to live? Do they get to write the Laws or the rules without our consent?

The people who are the servants of we the people are employed in the government, they do not work for the government! they are supposed to work for the people The creators of this government if servants are serving the government and not the people do they represent the people?

The servants are not supposed to be dictating and telling the people what to do or how to be or how to act, the people the creators of government tell the servants what to do and how to be and how to act When in the employment of We the people!

When the servants dictate to the people there is tyranny, but when the people take control of their house there is liberty.

That’s why when this government was created it was created of, by, and for the people to serve the people who created it! and not to become a monster and devour the people’s liberties and freedoms and enter the people into slavery, the servants are robbing our liberties and freedoms Our properties and treasures and placing the people into financial debt and slavery and making the people the servants of the government, we the people of These United States of America must starve this monster and this particular form of government ( democracy) today out of existence, or this monster Government will starve the people out of existence and this monster will eat our souls and our substance and the free people of these United States of America and will no longer exist for if we lose our liberties we lose our freedom and we will lose our souls and the soul of our nation.

If we the American people truly believe that the United States of America and the foundation of our laws and the foundation of this nation is truly the greatest nation on earth, and we remember that this nation was based upon Christianity and God’s laws and will, then we will survive whatever political turmoil that we are experiencing today.

have God and faith in yourself have faith in America, and have faith in our constitutional republic to survive any destructive influence internal or external to destroy this nation, we the people are the nation of the United States of America, and we stand upon our faith in God,the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution of the United States of America and our Bill of Rights, if these documents are truly God sent to the American people then no weapon can defeat us, for our roots are righteous and have been placed in righteous soil and God will protect and and guide his people and nation through any and all storms!

Bill Sharpe Sussex County Delaware 2/14/2023