My Account of the Canceled Brandywine School Board Meeting by Tanya Hettler

Posted on 08-17-2021

Hello everyone! Yes. It is true. The meeting was postponed.

I’ve included what I just posted to P4D’s Fb page about it. In the picture on WDEL you can see me, James, and James’ Dad in the front row!

The Brandywine School Board meeting was tonight. When I arrived at 6:50 I heard rumors that they were not going to allow public comment until the end of the meeting and that they were estimating that public comment would begin after 9:30. I just checked the agenda and they did move the public comment to the end of the meeting.

Then I heard rumors that they were only going to allow 30 minutes of public comment, which because each person is allowed to speak for 3 minutes would only allow 10 people to speak. The stack of request cards for people to speak was much more than 10. There looked to be about 30 cards.

The room was the most full I have ever seen it. I would estimate that there were over 100 people there.

We sat waiting for the meeting to start for 40 minutes with no information as to why it was not starting. Finally, at 7:45 Lincoln Hohler and John Skrobot came out and sat down. None of the other board members were there.

They indicated that because some people were refusing to wear masks that they were going to postpone the meeting. They stated that due to the Governor’s “order” people had to wear masks in public school buildings. And stated that some people were refusing to do so. They said “there are students present” and we need to follow the Governor’s orders to protect those students.

There was one student present who looked to be about 13. As people were leaving her mother was hugging her to herself acting as though she had been greatly harmed.

When they announced that the meeting was going to be postponed several people yelled out “Follow the science!” meaning that science shows that masks don’t work.

Several arguments started up between people in the audience after the meeting. There was a constable there and nothing more than words were exchanged.

So it looks like the meeting will be rescheduled to be only on Zoom.


Dr. Tanya Hettler