Neighborhood Team Leaders

Become a Neighborhood Team Leader and help your community:

  • Get to know your neighbors, especially Republicans!
  • Tell us what is going on in your community – schools, roads, legislative issues. What is important to your neighbors? What are people are talking about?
  • Attend your Homeowner’s Association meetings and let us know what their issues are. Share the important topics at community meetings.
  • Attend Region Meetings and encourage, invite your Republican neighbors to attend too!
  • Share information we provide to you with your neighbors. We will send you information about legislation, talking points on issues, and other key data to help keep you and your neighbors informed.
  • Work with us to identify and welcome new Republicans to your community!
  • In election years, identify voters who might need help… an absentee ballot, ride to the polls, etc.

Take the first step today and volunteer.   We will send you more information and a Zoom meeting date for you to learn more.

It’s easy and it’s important.   If you have any questions, call us at 302-668-1954 and ask for George.

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