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Delaware Republican Caucus Update

Disclosure Bills Continue to be Blocked in Legislature. Article by State Rep. Ruth Briggs King.

Commentary: Separating facts from fiction in ‘impeachment inquiry’

As a former prosecutor and judge, I know how much facts matter. I know how important it is to make sure you act in good faith, with adherence to the law. The current “impeachment inquiry” (a phrase the Democrats created to sound like impeachment, but isn’t really impeachment) fails in both respects.

What are the facts?

Ukraine and the United States signed a treaty in 1999 pledging to cooperate to fight corruption. There is some legitimate question whether, in the past, authorities in Ukraine have done so. Indeed, there is substantial reason to believe that Ukraine actively meddled in the 2016 U.S. election at the request of a supporter of Hillary Clinton, under contract with the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Recently elected President Volodymyr Zelensky ran on a platform to investigate and prosecute corruption.

For several years, members of both parties have made clear they want to know how our elections were interfered with so we can prevent that from happening again. As has been openly reported in the media, the United States is conducting an investigation into the role of foreign countries in the counterintelligence investigation targeting the Trump campaign. Attorney General William Barr has named United States Attorney John Durham to lead that investigation.

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Commentary: Who Do We Owe More – Our Veterans or Immigrants in Custody?

Recently, the House of Representatives passed a bill (HR3525) that would require the federal government to create a universal electronic medical records system for the benefit of individuals in the custody of the Border Patrol (illegal immigrants) within 90 days. It is important that doctors treating any patient know all that patient’s medical issues, prescribed medications and health history In fact, the Veterans Administration has been working to establish such a system for our veterans and patriots who have been injured in combat or who develop health issues. Today, neither the Department of Defense nor the Veterans Administration has such a system in place. In fact, as ridiculous as it sounds, the experts have said it will take another nine years to fully complete the systems for both agencies. Many in Congress recognized it was unfair to make our veterans wait for a system while giving priority funding to implement a system for immigrants presently in custody. So, there was a motion made on the floor to amend the implementation of such a system for illegal immigrants and give veterans priority to get their system completed first. The motion to give our patriots and veterans priority over illegal immigrants failed. 212 Democrats, including our Representative, Lisa Blunt Rochester, voted against our veterans!

Further, the requirement to create this system is an unfunded mandate. It would force the Department of Homeland Security to divert funds from other agency efforts, such as border security, human and drug trafficking efforts and natural disaster (FEMA) response. Frankly, these Democrats have the nation’s priorities backwards. Our veterans have earned the right to the best health care available. They have made sacrifices for all of us and the safety of this nation. It is wrong for them to have to wait for nine years to have a modern electronic medical records system available to their doctors so they can provide the very best treatment. It is worse to support a policy that places our veterans needs behind those of illegal immigrants. For too long, our representatives in Congress have voted without much public awareness about their words and their actions. It is time we hold them accountable. We need to stand up for our Veterans and say enough is enough.

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