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Brady Bulletin-TAKE ACTION

Jane Brady

Jane Brady

Jane Brady is a lifelong Delawarean and Republican. She has lived and worked in all three of Delaware’s counties throughout her lifetime. Jane served as Attorney General from 1995-2005, the FIRST Female elected to that position in the State of Delaware. From 1977 until 1990, she served as Deputy Attorney General in the Delaware Department of Justice,

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If you are frustrated, even angry, at the way the November election was conducted, particularly in the important swing states, you are not alone. And, if you are concerned about what will happen in Washington and Dover, you are not alone.

Many of us are concerned about our First and Second Amendment Rights, and our State Election Laws. We need to be informed, advocate and take a stand. All of us want our country to succeed, but there are a number of real issues that need to be addressed.

The best way to address these issues and resolve the frustration is to join together, with the common purpose of protecting our rights, insuring economic and personal freedom, and preparing our children to lead in the future.

The Delaware Republican Party is working to keep Delaware elections secure. We are working to open our schools and businesses by demanding that the Governor take action. We are standing up for the working class that the Democrat elites claim to serve, yet have left behind.

We know that you want to be self-sufficient, able to care for your family and live in peace. Support the party that supports you, your community, and law enforcement.

Today is the day and now is the time.

Take action, join us…

…connect with others who feel like you…

…think like you…believe in our country – like you!

Take the first step to a new, better future.


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