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Brady Bulletin – Bus Drivers – The Next Heroes of the Pandemic

Jane Brady

Jane Brady

Jane Brady is a lifelong Delawarean and Republican. She has lived and worked in all three of Delaware’s counties throughout her lifetime. Jane served as Attorney General from 1995-2005, the FIRST Female elected to that position in the State of Delaware. From 1977 until 1990, she served as Deputy Attorney General in the Delaware Department of Justice,

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Patriots who might be able to drive a school bus, we need you! 


We are making progress toward reopening our schools: Parents rallied on the Capitol steps. We published a plan for summer programs.  We called for the state to reduce the social distancing requirement from 6′ to 3′ and they did. And, now some school districts are seriously considering in-person summer classes!


But, as we work hard to solve the challenges that prevent our kids from safely returning to in-class learning, we discover not all the issues are stubborn or emotional. Some are practical.


One such issue is that there is a shortage of school bus drivers. This has been a chronic problem, according to those who provide the service, but has become much worse under the pandemic.


We need bus drivers!


We thought the reduced distancing requirements might let more students ride a school bus together, but it turns out the state has already been using a 3’ distancing requirement for buses, and that still limits the occupancy of buses to 23 students.  And, recently state officials said they are not comfortable reducing the distance further.


We are calling on the entire community to come together:

  • Become a Bus Driver: if you are interested and able, we need bus drivers. Training is required – it includers classroom instruction and actual driving experience.   And the pay is pretty good!
  • Fast Track Licensing:  We need the Governor to fast-track training and licensing programs.  We need accelerated background checks, and to fast-track the paperwork.
  • Vaccinate All Bus Drivers: Education personnel are currently given priority for COVID vaccinations.  Let’s fast track all of these new drivers and get them into service, and our kids back in school.
To learn more about being a school bus driver, contact Delaware Commercial Driver’s License Education | DMV.ORG

And, let us kow if you become a certified school bus driver. We want to honor you as a patriot and hero of this pandemic.  Call us at:

To get our students “BACK ON TRACK”, we need creative solutions, not politics and political paybacks. 


Jane Brady
Delaware GOP

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