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Mask Mandate Again

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On Tuesday, January 11th, Governor Carney’s universal face-covering mandate was reimplemented. Additionally, the governor announced plans on Monday to extend the face-covering mandate in all public and private K-12 institutions and child care facilities. This requirement was set to expire early next month.

We disagree with these measures. We are approaching the two-year anniversary of the first state of emergency’s installment and during these two years, the General Assembly has been left out of the decision-making process. We feel strongly that the legislature has a responsibility to provide a balance to the executive branch of government, a balance that has not existed during the pandemic.

We are not against the use of face-coverings, vaccines, or any other preventative measure against COVID-19. What we are against is the government, specifically one of three supposedly equal branches of government, solely dictating how citizens should live their lives. Delawareans should be able to decide what is best for them and their families.

It is imperative that the General Assembly be more involved when it comes to decisions like these and we must consider legislation that will enable the legislative branch – the branch that represents the people – to be a true balance to executive power in Delaware.

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