Opposing the “Hide it From Your Parents” Bill

Posted on 05-03-2022

HB 400, penidng in Deaware’General Assembly today,  would allow children to receive “sensitive health services” — including “abortion services” or “gender transitioning-related services”, on the parent’s medical insurance, but WITHOUT the parents’ knowledge!  This bill was filed last week on Thursday and is ALREADY scheduled to be heard today (5/3)
This “hide it from parents” bill specifically applies to “dependents, including minors”, and includes that services can be provided in school-based health centers.
Insurance laws would be changed to REQUIRE that NO insurance company “shall divulge, directly or indirectly, including by sending a bill or explanation of benefits, information concerning the sensitive health care services received by a recipient under any health benefit plan to any person other than providers and care coordinators caring for the recipient”
Activists in the Delaware Legislature are putting the government between parents and their children!!!
Oppose the HB400 and the “Hide It from Parents” Bill… and tell your General Assembly how you feel!