Political Rhetoric! More and More Government Spending… Brady’s take of the State of the Union Speech!

Posted on 02-09-2023

This media statement was issued yesterday following President Biden’s State of the Union Address…

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For Immediate Release

                                                                                              Media Contact:   George D. Rotsch 302-354-5730

Statement Regarding the State of the Union Address

Jane Brady, Chair of the Republican State Party of Delaware, formerly the Delaware Attorney General and Superior Court Judge:

“The State of the Union Speech was filled with proposals for government spending.  If the Federal Government is not yet involved in addressing the problem, the President suggested government do it.  And if the Government was already involved, Biden proposed we spend more. We have too much government interference in our lives now.”

“The speech identified problems we all see, fentanyl overdoses, the price of gasoline, and supply chain issues, but failed to suggest action or policies, to correct the problems in America. It was campaign rhetoric! Americans want more from the President of the United States than rhetoric.     

“The American people are smarter than to fall for promises that are never proposed or implemented.  And when nothing is fixed, Democrats will blame House Republicans. The American people won’t fall for it.  American wants more from the President of the United States than rhetoric.”

“In sharp contrast, Delaware Republicans issued the Rescue Delaware Plans, which contains bold proposals on how to make Delaware a better place to live, work and raise a family. Read the Rescue Delaware Plan on www.DelawareGOP.com”.