Press Statement: FBI Raid of Trump’s Home

Posted on 08-09-2022

Statement from Jane Brady, Chair of the Delaware Republican Party

“Once again, the FBI has exercised its authority with a fervor that is disproportionate to the need in a very selective way. The President had already provided 15 boxes of material to the agency,  and if there was more than the government thought it needed, it could have issued a subpoena, not a warrant. 

At a time when very public action by the FBI has been taken against specific individuals who disagree with the policies of this Administration, Hunter Biden has been able to hide in the shadow of his father with no evidence that the FBI is going to take any action. Think of it, the FBI has had Hunter’s laptop longer than President Trump has had those papers. And what of the classified documents it has been established Hillary Clinton shared inappropriately and destroyed?

Overzealous and selective exercise of power undermines the public‘s confidence in what was once a premier law-enforcement agency. Regulators regulate, investigators investigate, and it takes good leadership to manage how their authority is exercised. Clearly, the leadership in the FBI and the Department of Justice has failed the American people.”