Red Clay School District votes on Transgender Policy this Wednesday!

Posted on 12-10-2021


Last week, the Red Clay School District’s policy review committee held a public hearing regarding the school district’s proposed new policy on transgender students. More than 60 parents and concerned families attended. At the meeting, the predominant concerns that were expressed were the presence of males in the girls bathroom and locker room, and assuring parents would be informed about decisions made regarding their child’s gender choices.

Ultimately, the policy board failed to listen to the concerns of parents. In the final policy draft that was sent to the full school board for a final vote, the policy was modified to further restrict the parents’ right to know what is happening with regard to their own child. The final policy draft also now does not provide for the notification of parents if a child requests to change their gender identity at school.

Students may decide which bathroom or locker room they will use during the school day and on school property. And this policy allows boys to participate in girls’ sports at all levels in both teams and intramural participation. Counselors working with a child cannot involve the parents in conversations with a child about gender identity without the child’s permission.

These policies are wrong and place the safety of our children in jeopardy.  No young girl in Delaware should have to experience a sexual assault in her bathroom at school. We should learn from the incidents in Virginia and make our policy choices based on that. The policy also eviscerates school sports. We need only look to the transgender swimmer at the University of Pennsylvania who now dominates girls swimming.  This swimmer will break every school record. Girls’ names will be wiped from the record books as males compete in female sports.

These are important issues. If you want to be heard, please submit an online comment, attend the school board meeting on December 15 or participate by zoom.

   Date:   Wednesday, December 15, 2021

   Public Comment:  Submit here!  

   Place:  Richardson Park Elementary School

               16 Idella Avenue, Wilmington, DE 19804


   Time:   Public Comment begins at 6:30


Jane Brady