Candidates Reference


Office Name Email Website
Auditor of Accounts Kathleen K. McGuiness
Auditor of Accounts Lydia York
State Senate District 6 John "Jack" Bucchioni
State Senate District 6 Russ Huxtable
State Senate District 6 Ryan Peters
State Senate District 14 Christopher A. Gore
State Senate District 14 Michael "Tater" Hill-Shaner
State Senate District 14 Kevin Musto
State Senate District 14 Kyra Hoffner
State Senate District 14 Sam Noel
State Senate District 14 Robert Sebastiano
State Senate District 16 Colin Bonini
State Senate District 16 Eric Buckson
State Senate District 16 Kim Petters
State Representative District 1 Nnamdi O. Chukwuocha
State Representative District 1 Shane' Nicole Darby
State Representative District 2 James J. Taylor
State Representative District 2 Stephanie T. Bolden
State Representative District 4 Jeff Hilovsky
State Representative District 4 Bradley H. Layfield
State Representative District 6 Becca Cotto
State Representative District 6 Debra J. Heffernan
State Representative District 13 DeShanna U Neal
State Representative District 13 John L. Mitchell Jr.
State Representative District 18 Martin C. Willis
State Representative District 18 Sophie Phillips
State Representative District 25 Cyndie Romer
State Representative District 25 Edward J. Klima
State Representative District 26 Kelly Williams Maresca
State Representative District 26 Madinah Wilson-Anton
State Representative District 27 Michael F. Hertzfeld
State Representative District 27 Eric Morrison
State Representative District 32 Kerri Evelyn Harris
State Representative District 32 LaVaughn McCutchen
State Representative District 32 Phil McGinnis
State Representative District 32 Lamont C. Pierce
State Representative District 36 Bryan W. Shupe
State Representative District 36 Patrick Smith admin@PatrickSmith for
County Council District 1 Brandon Toole
County Council District 1 Frank Maule
Levy Court District 4 Morgan Hudson
Levy Court District 4 Robert Scott
Levy Court District 6 Jason Bonner
Levy Court District 6 Mark Maguire
Levy Court District 6 Mitchell Denham
Levy Court District 6 Paul Hertz
Register of Wills Greg Fuller
Register of Wills Ellen M. Magee
Register of Wills Candice Green Wilkinson
Recorder of Deeds Alexandra Reed Baker
Recorder of Deeds Scott Dailey
County Council District 5 Keller Hopkins
County Council District 5 John L. Rieley


StatusOfficeNameEmailWebsiteImage Link Phone NumberBioRegionConvention
Running For:Representative in CongressLee MurphyLee@GoMurph.com Candidate
Running For:Attorney GeneralJulianne E. Murrayjulie@murrayfordelaware.com Candidate
Running For:State TreasurerGreg Coverdaleinfo@friendsofgregcoverdale.com Candidate
Running For:Auditor of AccountsJanice Lorrahinfo@delawaregop.com Candidate
Running For:State Senate District 5Dan Schmickschmick4senate@gmail.com NCC
Running For:State Senate District 4Ted Kittilated@ted4delaware.comhttps://ted4delaware.com 668-1954Northern NCC
Running For:State Senate District 6Stephen Smykstevesmykde@yahoo.com 668-1954Sussex
Running For:State Senate District 7M "Sherm" Portersherm@mshermporter.comhttps://www.shermfordelaware.org 668-1954Western NCC
Running For: State Senate District 8Victor John Setting IIvictorsettingde@gmail.com 3025309832Western NCC
Running For:State Senate District 9Brenda Mennellainfo@delaware.gop 668-1954Western NCC
Running For:State Senate District 12Bill Alexanderalexanderfordesenate@gmail.com 668-1954Colonial NCC
Running For:State Senate District 14Mark Pughmrpraider@aol.comhttps://www.makedelawarebetter.com 668-1954Colonial NCC
Running For:State Senate District 15Dave LawsonDave.Lawson@delaware.gov
Running For:State Senate District 16th Eric 943 - 2832Kent
Running For:State Senate District 17Ed Ruyterinfo@delaware.gop 668-1954Kent
Running For:State Senate District 18Dave Wilsondavid.l.wilson@delaware.gov
Running For:State Senate District 19Brian G. Pettyjohnbrian@brianpettyjohn.comhttps://brianpettyjohn.com
Running For:State Senate District 20Gerald W. Hockergeraldhocker@gmail.com 539-4140Sussex
Running For:State Senate District 21Bryant L. Richardsonbrichardson@mspublications.comhttps://richardsonsenate.com 744-4298Sussex
Running For:State Representative District 1Mark Gardnermpgardnercampaign@gmail.comhttps://www.gardner4de.com 668-1954Northern NCC
Running For:State Representative District 4Jeffrey HilovskyJeffrey Hilovskywww.vote4jeff.net 668-1954Sussex
Running For:State Representative District 6Mike Krawczukkrawczuk@yahoo.comhttps://mikekrawczuk.com 668-1954Northern NCC
Running For: State Representative District 7Shane Stonemanstoneman4district7rep@use.startmail.com 302-319-3202Northern NCC
Running For:State Representative District 8David W. Thomasdsp015@yahoo.comhttps://www.friendsofdavidthomas.com 668-1954Colonial NCC
Running For:State Representive District 9Kevin Hensleykevin@hensleyforthehouse.com 668-1954Colonial NCC
Running For:State Representative District 10Brent Burdge NCC
Running For:State Representative District 11Jeffrey N. Spiegelmanjeff@jeffDErepresentative.com 744-4171Kent
Running For:State Representative District 12Ben Greggfriendsofbengregg@gmail.comhttp://friendsofbengregg.com NCC
Running ForState Representative District 14Carl PhelpsSussexGOP@protonmail.com
Running For:State Representative District 15Michael Higginmichaelhigginforde@gmail.com 668-1954Colonial NCC
Running For:State Representative District 20Dallas A. WingateDwingate21@comcast.net 668-1954Sussex
Running For:State Representative District 21Michael Ramonemike@mikeramone.com 744-4321Western NCC
Running For:State Represenative District 22Mike Smithmikesmithfordelaware@gmail.com 290-7726Western NCC
Running For:State Representative District 23Brittany Ramone GomezBrittney@Brittney4Delaware.comBrittany4delaware.com NCC
Running For:State Representative District 25Lynn Meymey4de@gmailcom 753 - 3159Western NCC
Running For:State Representative District 26Timothy S. Conradtimconrad4de@gmail.com (302) 981-1462Western NCC
Running For:State Representative District 27John Marinojohnmarino2013@gmai.com NCC
Running For:State Representative District 29Marc Wiennermarcus.wienner@gmail.com 668-1954Kent
Running For:State Representative District 31Jason Stewartjason.stewart85@gmail.com
Running For:State Representative District 32Cheryl Precourtfriendsofcherylprecourt@gmail.com
Running For:State Representative District 33Charles S Postles
Running For:State Representative District 34Lyndon D. Yearicklyndon.yearick34rd@gmail.comhttp://lyearickfordelaware.com
Running For:State Representative District 35Jesse VanderwendeJessevanderwende@yahoo.com
Running For:State Representative District 36Bryan ShupeBryan.Shupe@delaware.gov 744-4119Sussex
Running For:State Representative District 37Ruth Briggs KingRuth.BriggsKing@delaware.gov 856-2772Sussex
Running For:State Representative District 38Ron Grayronegray@comcast.net 436-7024Sussex
Running For:State Representative District 39Dan
Running For:State Representative District 40Tim DukesTimothy.Dukes@delaware.gov 280-6344Sussex
Running For:State Representative District 41Rich Collinsrichcollins41@outlook.com
Running for: County Council District 2Jamie Collinsjamietcollins@gmail.com 302-598-6029Northern NCC
Running For:County Council District 3Janet Kilpatrickkilpatrickjt@aol.com 740-4014Western NCC
Running For:KC SheriffNorman R. Barlowbarlow9505@comcast.net
Primary For:6th District LCCMitch Denhammitch_denham@live.com 668-1954Kent
Primary For:6th District LCCPaul Hertzpaul_hertz@hotmail.com 382-9366Kent
Incumbent For:SheriffRobert T. Leerobert.lee@sussexcountyde.gov
Primary For:Register of WillsCandice Green Wilkinsoninfo@votecandicegreenwilkinson.com 668-1954Sussex
Primary For:Register of WillsGreg Fullergreg@gregfullersr.com
Primary For:Register of Wills Ellen Mageelewis@cooperealty.com
Primary ForRecorder of DeedsScott Daileyscottmdailey@gmail.com 236-9116Sussex
Primary For: Recorder of DeedsAlexandra Reed Bakeralexrbaker@gmail.com
Incumbent For:4th County CouncilDoug Hudsondoug216@mchsi.com 542-1432Sussex
Running For:5th Council DistrictJohn Rieley rieley4council@gmail.com
Running for:Recorder of DeedsEugenia Thorntongene@eugeniathorton.com
Running For:State Representative District 13Carlucci Coelhocarluccidistrict13@gmail.com Western NCC
Running for:State Representative District 18Gloria Hope Paynegloriahopepayne@aol.com 302-753-7757Western NCC
Running for: Levy Court District 2Anthony Egipciacoanthony.egipciaco@gmail.com Kent
Primary For:Levy Court District 4Robert Scottrjscott5219@yahoo.com 270-5328Kent
Primary For:Levy Court District 4Morgan Hudson 302) 233-8745Kent
Running for: Levy CourtJason Bonnerjtb5123@me.com 302-531-6764Kent