The Rescue Delaware Plan

Posted on 08-26-2022

The Rescue Delaware 2022 Plan reflects our vision of key policy objectives we believe should be implemented.These principles have been developed with the input of our Republican elected officials, current and former Republican candidates, our Republican Regional Committees, our State Party Chair, and many of you!

We believe the proposals in this document are supported by a majority of Delawareans across all party lines and will lead to a better quality of life for everyone living in our State. These policies are not numbered because they are not presented in order of priority – each of them is important in its own right. Together, they comprise our values and objectives The Democrat Party has controlled the Governor’s Office since the election of Tom Carper in 1992. Since 2008, the Democrat Party has had firm control of the Delaware General Assembly. Currently, Democrats have a 26-15advantage in the House and a 14-7 advantage in the Senate. In addition, all statewide elected offices are controlled by the Democrat Party. So, without exaggeration, Delaware’s state government is firmly in the grip of the Democrat Party. Unfortunately, this one-party rule has done nothing to improve the quality of education, the availability of health care, or the prevention and reduction of crime.

In fact, Delaware’s performance has declined in those areas. But to get elected, we recognize that Republicans must do more than say Democrat policies are bad. We have to offer what we, as a Republican Party, will affirmatively work toward achieving, what we feel will save, or rescue, Delaware. We have identified the major policy areas where reform is most needed, such as jobs, education, healthcare and public safety. We offer a fresh perspective to improve these areas through solid Republican principles and, where applicable, market- and community-based solutions. We are willing to be a partner and ally to our state’s job creators, entrepreneurs, parents, service providers, first responders, and citizens. It’s time to make Delaware work for all!

We hope that the citizens reading this document be motivated to partner with us to Rescue Delaware.