RNC’s Report of the Temporary Committee on Election Integrity

Posted on 08-20-2021

We are proud of the work done by Jane Brady.  She chaired the State Legislation Subcommittee of the Republican National Committee’s Temporary Committee on Election Integrity.

Click here to download the full report.   But, we have posted the Executive Summary for those who are interested.

Executive Summary
In February, through a vote of the Executive Committee, Chairwoman McDaniel established the Committee whose purpose was to study and make recommendations to restore election transparency and integrity and ensure voters have confidence in our election processes. The Committee represents a renewed focus on continuing the party’s important work on election integrity and fighting unprecedented attempts to undermine important election integrity safeguards. The Committee worked closely with state parties and other allied stakeholders and experts across the country on the best practices and policies on voting issues and election integrity operations. From a policy perspective, the Committee’s work spanned the entire elections process. The Committee studied transparency issues such as access for poll watchers and election information and the private funding of elections. It reviewed absentee voting and voter registration processes, integrity safeguards such as voter ID, and voting systems issues. The Committee makes policy recommendations for states on all these issues.

The Committee also focused intensely on the Republican Party’s engagement in election issues. These efforts to protect and promote voter integrity extend through all components of
the voting process: from the oversight and monitoring of elections and election officials to tracking legislation and litigation, and how to communicate with the public and Republican

The Committee established four subcommittees to help achieve its goals: Election Day Operations, Voting Systems and Technology, Legislation, and What Went Wrong, What Went Right. Each subcommittee worked diligently to identify key issues to study, research, draw conclusions, and finally make recommendations to the Committee in the form of official reports. The Committee also sought public input through a comment portal on the RNC’s ProtecttheVote.com website; the Committee thanks the many concerned citizens who submitted recommendations to help inform the Committee’s work.

The Committee’s policy recommendations can best be grouped into two major categories. First, the Committee strongly advocates for policies that protect and promote transparency at all stages of the voting process. Second, the Committee emphasizes the need for states to enact policies that prevent, detect, and document problems, irregularities, and illegal voting at all stages of the election process but that are simultaneously minimally burdensome.

The Committee’s recommendations include that the RNC refashion its internal election integrity efforts, which have been more focused on “Election Day,” and transform it into a permanent and year-round effort that encompasses engaging in policymaking, litigation, ongoing oversight of election officials, monitoring the ever-expanding election calendar, and being prepared for critical post-election events like recounts and election contests. The recommendations also focus on the need to utilize all facets of the party’s apparatus to promote election integrity, including the party’s political, legal, data, and communications resources.

Finally, the Committee recognizes the need to cooperate with and learn from other like-minded groups at the national level and grassroots organizations at the state and local levels. The Committee’s work is just the beginning, and it hopes that the research, findings, and recommendations in this report will play a meaningful part in the efforts to ensure trust, confidence, and integrity in the election process for years to come.

Read the full report by clinging here.