SB 35 Disenfranchises Minority-Owned Construction Businesses – Senator Wilson Explains.

Posted on 03-06-2023

Senate Bill 35 includes language that implements a pilot program that, essentially, establishes only union labor or businesses that enter into a collective bargaining agreement may bid and work on public construction projects. This raised concerns among members of the Latino community, particularly within the construction industry. Senator Dave Wilson introduced an amendment that would have rectified this and corrected the disenfranchisement of minority-owned construction firms and non-union workers, but Senate Democrats voted against the proposal. The bill without Senator Wilson’s amendment passed along party lines.  

In this video, Senator Wilson discusses how controversial proposals are rarely if ever, inserted into the mini-bond bill, which typically passes unanimously. Javier Torrijos, an engineer, business owner, and advocate for Latino community, explains how this bill will hurt their businesses and how the Senate Republican’s amendment would have fixed it. Finally, hear the floor testimony of Senate Republican attorney, Anthony Delcollo, who outlines what the bill will do and the potential conflict with the Delaware Constitution.