Statement on the Indictment of Donald Trump

Posted on 04-04-2023

For Immediate Release

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Statement Regarding the Trump Indictment

“This is a sad day in our nation.  But it should not surprise us that Alvin Bragg indicted former President Donald Trump. His campaign promise was to get Donald Trump.  And this simply continues the practice of the Democrats using Government against the people. First the IRS, then the FBI, and now the Manhattan DA’s Office.

Legally, the case appears flawed, outside the prosecutor’s jurisdiction and the statute of limitations.   Politically, if it was intended to harm the former President, that has backfired; his favorability shot up, and donations are pouring in.

We the People, are not stupid.  We recognize a political prosecution for what it is. Regrettably, this is yet another instance of the unfair application and weaponization of governmental authority.”   

Jane Brady, Chair of the Delaware GOP