2022 General Election in:

Statewide Candidates for 2022


Announced Candidates for Special & Statewide Election

Candiates for US House of Representatives

Chris Hall, 

Candidate for US House


I am on a mission to go to Washington to take on the Democrats and other establishment politicians to join other virtuous members of Congress to create a Renaissance where we the people are in charge of our country, our government, and our lives. I will always put the interests of Delawareans and American citizens first and ahead of all other interests. 

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Lee Murphy, 

Candidate for US House

I have lived my entire adult life in our great state of Delaware. I began my teaching career at Immaculate Heart of Mary, and have coached at St. Elizabeth’s and St. Mark’s High Schools. I worked in the railroad industry for 35 years, starting as a conductor and ending in management. Since retiring I have pursued an acting career, appearing in commercials, film and TV. 

Throughout life’s challenges, I have learned the importance of family, community and a government that protects and defends its citizens. Now a grandfather who is helping to raise two wonderful grandkids, I am committed to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, and pledge to represent, with honor and fairness, my family and yours, and all Delawareans, in the U.S. Congress. 

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Candidates for Attorney General

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Julianne Murray, 

Candidate for Attorney General

Julianne Murray has never shied away from hard work or a challenge.  With crime soaring and an imminent threat to public safety, Julianne will use her energy, determination and knowledge of the law to make our streets safe again. 

Julianne is not a career politician.  She is someone who has stepped forward to help when she sees a need.  Julianne will be an Attorney General, not an Activist General, who backs the blue, makes public safety once again a priority, and holds everyone equally accountable
under the law.

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