Stop the Electric Car Mandate – Resources

This page provides resources and information for you to make up your own mind about the Governor’s plan to make it more difficult to buy a gasoline-powered vehicle starting in 2025 or 2026. These resources are the opinion of the author or the creator. We have a strong opinion about this issue, but we ultimately want you to decide for yourself.

  1. Are Electric Vehicles right for your family or for your small business? There are many benefits. There are also considerable limitations. We are not against electric vehicles.
  2. Who should decide for your family or small business when or if an electric vehicle is right for your family?
  3. How quickly do we transition to electric vehicles? Do we let the market decide or put that decision in the hands of unelected state officials?

Whatever you decide, we want you to put tell the Governor how you feel! The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control solicits “Public Comments” on pending regulations. This is their way of testing public opinion. We need to tell them we feel. Please click here to make your opinion known.

Learn more about the Governor’s Electric Car Mandate:

The Town Hall meeting held statewide attracted more than 1250 people in five locations. The event demonstrated that Delaware is not ready for to be told what kind of car or truck to buy by the State.

Delaware’s Misguided Rush to Adopt Rules to Ban Gasoline and Diesel Vehicles

By State Rep. Jesse Vanderwende

Read on’s Free Speech Page

These are the slides used by David Legates at the Delaware Electric Vehicle Mandate Town Hall in April of 2023.

The Second Video in a series about the Electric Vehicle Mandate. This is an objective and thorough review of the pros and cons of electric vehicles.
The is the first in the series about the Electric Car Mandate. Understand the issues from Jim Weldin, the Chair of the Colonial Region.