Ted Kittila Announces Candidacy for 4th State Senate District

Posted on 04-28-2022

For Release: Thursday, April 28, 2022
Contact: Caleb Johnson – (302) 327-8844 – caleb@ted4delaware.com

Ted Kittila filed today as a candidate for the 4th Senate District seat in the
Delaware State Senate.

Kittila is a Delaware native and a product of Delaware’s public schools, from
Kindergarten through the University of Delaware. Upon graduation, he was
awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study in Germany, after which he graduated
from the University of Minnesota Law School.

He is the managing partner of a national law firm headquartered in Wilmington.
In making his announcement, Kittila declared, “I’m running because Delaware
state government is seriously off track.”

“Last year instead of addressing the needs of our seniors in paying their school
taxes, or adding mental health counselors for our students at all levels suffering
with the isolation caused by the COVID pandemic, or reducing the transfer tax on
homes to help young couples buy their first home, they spent most of the billion
dollar surplus on ‘pet projects’ for individual legislators. With a billion-dollar
surplus again this year, we need to hold our legislator accountable for our tax
dollars and demand that they address the people’s needs,” he said.

Kittila declared that his campaign will also concentrate on the need for better
policies in our schools to raise learning levels, making our salaries for starting
teachers competitive with surrounding states, and providing more support for our
first responders and our nonprofits who have stepped up during the pandemic.
Kittila is active in the local community, has been married for 22 years, and has 2
teenage children.

Kittila closed, noting, “We need new ideas and policies not the same old politics as
usual. We can do better.”

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