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After 25 years with one political party in charge,
Violence in Delaware still getting worse!

Is it time to rethink who is in charge?

Gun violence, drug dealing, gangs, and sex trafficking are still a problem after years of talking about fixing the issues for the people who live and work in our Delaware urban communities. 

We will break a record for the number of murders in our cities for the fifth time in the last 9 years.  The Democrat party has had the opportunity to address the problem during the past three decades and nothing has worked. 

As families lose children, as frustration grows, and as hopelessness replaces hope, we need to consider more options and a different approach because after decades… what we are doing is only making things worse. 

Here is a good example of what is not working.  Attorney-General Kathy Jennings is not prosecuting gun crimes anymore. Since 2019 about 70% of gun crimes are dropped and never not being prosecuted… and her policy is killing young people. 

Check out this piece by Representative Layton Yearick to learn more about the numbers behind what is happening. Read more

Maybe it’s time to rethink and go back to Common Sense.

Track Gun Violence in Delaware: 

Tracking gun violence in Delaware (

Enough is Enough… So much seems broken in the city!


Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or an Independent, join the conversation and let’s look for new solutions, new leaders and a different approach to the same problems that have impacted our community for too long. 


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