The Delaware Chapter of No Left Turn in Education is now official!

Posted on 06-03-2022

Delaware Parents, Grandparents, and anyone else concerned about the direction of our public education system – your help is needed!

Our investment in the education of America’s children can not be understated. Involvement is critical to preserve the sovereignty of this great nation and the values upon which it was founded upon.

If you have been attending school board meetings or have been actively following the current rot infecting Delaware’s education system (which if you are reading this email, you are already aware). I urge you to please invest some of your time into our mission of restoring an appreciation of American founding principles, family values, and opportunities for all children to achieve their God-given potential!

Please join the Delaware No Left Turn in Education facebook group:

Please read NLTE’s Mission, Goals, & Objectives here:

-James Ingrassi

No amount of time or involvement is too little. We are the coalition of a unifying voice.