The Fall of Kabul

Posted on 08-17-2021

August 16, 2021


The fall of Kabul

To all of have served and sacrificed during our involvement in Afghanistan, especially our Gold Star families, God bless all of you.

Talk with and affirm one another. Anyone who feels temporarily overwhelmed, please call a non-judgmental VA crisis counselor at 800-273-8255 and Dial 1 immediately to talk about it.

You have not been defeated with the fall of Kabul. Your heroism and selfless service were and continue to be outstanding examples to the world.

Your devotion has deprived terrorists a hub for planning additional terrorist activities in the Middle East and further brazen attacks on our homeland during the past 20 years.

How this helter-skelter withdrawal was handled by Washington bureaucrats is NOT on you.

As Vietnam veterans who have “been there done that” during the fall of Saigon in 1975, we understand your possible feelings of abandonment but hang in there.

You are our sons and daughters who have served our nation well. We need you to stay healthy and advocate for your fellow heroes and those of us who continue to depend on you.

In retrospect, experience teaches that nations enculturated to violent regimes for hundreds and even thousands of years don’t have the same DNA for individual freedom on which our nation was founded.

Your devotion is engraved on our hearts. We thank you and are proud of you.


Dave Skocik 270-7145

Paul Davis 697-8384

Dover, DE


Dave Skocik serves as president of the Delaware Veterans Coalition. Paul Davis is president of Delaware Council, Vietnam Veterans of America