The Parent’s Right to Know Act by Charles Postles

Posted on 04-04-2022

This Act creates the Delaware Education Right to Know Act to give parents, guardians, and other education stakeholders more information and opportunities to evaluate public and charter school education in Delaware and to express concerns to school officials.  This is a common-sense approach to allow transparency and dialog between school officials and parents.

The House will hold a public hearing on this legislation on Wednesday, April 6th at 3:00 pm.   Here is what you need to know:

  1. The legislation is HB 326   Read the Bill 
  2. The hearing is open to the public   View the meeting notice
  3. Attend the hearing remotely    Attend the hearing

And for more information about this bill, hear Rep. Charles Postles on Call to Action with Jane Brady.  He was her guest on Monday April 4th.   It is posted on the Call-Action Page under News and Views on this site.