Victim Vigil

Posted on 06-09-2021

Victim Vigil

In a continuing escalation of violence in Wilmington, three police officers were shot recently by a gunman with a long criminal record. The Republican on Wilmington City Council, James Spadola, said in the Council meeting the following night, “These are dark times when 3 of our own are nearly killed on purpose.  The criminal justice system has totally failed us in  Wilmington.  It fails our police when 100 people arrested for gun crimes are put back on the streets on bail. A quick Google search shows that the attempted murderer was arrested for armed robbery in 2010 and his partner died in the crime. He was no stranger to the criminal justice system.  This is a cry to the prosecutors in the Attorney General’s office and our judges.  We need your help!”

James is right. There has been no accountability for criminals for too long. What was the response from the Democrats on City Council? One colleague said that she was more traumatized by the fact that James investigated the criminal background of the offender than the event itself.

Let’s talk about trauma. Many of you may have seen the video footage. What of the trauma of a small child being taken from the apartment into the arms of a stranger as he was carried down a ladder? Or of the two women who were also rescued by fire personnel? Or, the community that had to shelter in place during the incident?

It’s time our justice system heard the voices of victims. It’s time they gave consideration to the trauma they suffer at the hands of violent offenders. It’s time they dealt with violent offenders properly.