Your testimony can make the difference!

Posted on 03-21-2022

Tips for Effective Testimony by Senator Bryant Richardson

  • Keep a list of the bills you like or dislike
  • Frequently check for meeting dates and times
  • Prepare early. If the meetings are days or weeks away, this gives you time to
    prepare a powerful message.
  • Committee chairs who are opposed to certain bills will try to minimize
    opportunities for proponents to testify.


  • Go to
  • Go to Home – Delaware General Assembly
  • Go to ‘What’s Happening’ for a list of committee meetings
  • Find the committee hearing you want (you may have to scroll down)
  • Select Register for Meeting (or click on the meeting link)
  • Fill out the form and register to testify

This applies if testifying in person or online


  • Identify yourself and reason for testifying
  • Have strong/memorable closing statement
  • Keep comments to under 2 minutes to avoid being cut off in mid sentence
  • Rehearse and time your testimony
  • Make sure any facts/statistics you use are easily verifiable
  • Personal stories that evoke emotions are powerful
  • When telling stories in particular, make sure you stay within the time limit.