Zero-Emission Vehicle Standards Mandate

Posted on 01-31-2023

The Delaware Republican Senate Caucus

Governor John Carney and the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) are moving forward with adopting California’s zero-emission vehicle standards. Once the regulation is fully implemented, 35% of a new automobile dealership’s stock would have to be electric vehicles (EV) by 2025. Beginning in 2035, no new gas or diesel-powered vehicles weighing 14,000 pounds or less can be sold within the state of Delaware. In other words, DNREC, through regulations rather than legislation, will ban the sale of new gas-powered vehicles in just over a decade.  

The negative economic impact this mandate will have is hard to fathom. Independently-owned vehicle repair shops will likely go out of business. Electric rates will rise. There will be less fuel taxes collected into the Transportation Trust Fund, thus jeopardizing future road improvements. The cost to purchase a new vehicle will dramatically rise as EVs are priced $10,000 more than the automobile industry average. Once the 100,000 miles warranty for a battery expires, a replacement can cost upwards of $16,000.  

Additionally, the infrastructure is not currently in place to accommodate this regulation, nor will it likely be in place by 2035. Convenient stores such as Wawa and Royal Farms will have to completely revamp their layout. Residents in urban areas may not have access to charging stations unless cities install them at each parking location.  

This must be stopped.

Please contact Governor John Carney (, 302-577-8154) and DNREC Secretary Shawn Garvin ( and tell them you oppose their mandate.

Be sure to also include your local legislators.