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Nancy Pelosi Coming to Delaware

By December 1, 2023No Comments

Nancy Pelosi Coming to Delaware

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of decades, the name “Nancy Pelosi” is probably familiar to you. Some may know her as a historical figure being the first women Speaker of the House, and to others she may be an inspirational pioneer for American women.

To the University of Delaware’s Biden Institute, Nancy Pelosi is a “woman of power and purpose.” Now, as those two words may be an accurate depiction of what Representative Pelosi has sought for herself, sadly, it is not what she has fought to give to the next generation of American women.

Nancy Pelosi’s track record argues the contrary. Over the years, Pelosi has voted to:

  •  Support the inequal “Equality Act”
  • Force biological women to share bathrooms with biological men
    • Disregarding the concerns of female sexual assault victims
  • Deny female athletes fairness in sports
  • Replace the protected class of “sex” with “gender identity”
  • Remove rights from parents in situations where their children desire irreversible medical transgender surgery
  • Dismiss biology from womanhood and motherhood
  • Value transgender “females” over biological females

In the process, Nancy Pelosi has effectively erased women for the sake of her own agenda, not looking to the interests of her constituents.

How would Representative Pelosi have responded if she had been forced to grow up under the regulations, she herself voted to make law? She would have been foolish not to fight back. Yet, this is the very same hypocrisy of the left which we have unfortunately grown accustomed.

Former Speaker Pelosi has seemed to value her power and purpose of the power and purpose of the rest of our nation’s women. This is not what it looks like to be an inspirational pioneer for American women.

To me, it is less about what Nancy Pelosi has said about ‘supporting’ women, what she has actually done for women is far more important.

My fellow Delawareans, I urge you to consider the record of Nancy Pelosi before naively believing the narratives of the daily news.

May we all seek to inspire the next generation of our nation’s women to love American instead of following Pelosi’s example of degrading every woman except those named “Nancy Pelosi.”